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January 18th to 21st

Partimento – Progressivu + Blaya (DJ Set)

Clubbing Saturday, 20 January 00:00 | €12.98

Progressivu invites Blaya in DJ set mode for a serious night of partying.

On January 20th, the first edition of Partimento in 2024 will also be the debut of the “Faz Gostoso” singer as a DJ.

It’s starting the year without giving a break to the dance steps.


Vila Martel – Last Concert

Concert Saturday, January 20th 22:00 | €5.50

Despite having formed just 5 years ago, Vila Martel managed to write their story and leave a mark on the last wave of pop rock sung in Portuguese.

Since 2019, they have released two albums and played at numerous festivals, having reached the final of the 2020 EDP Live Bands, which earned them a concert at Campo Pequeno.

In 2024 they decide to follow other paths, but not before saying goodbye to their audience, in a last concert that Musicbox is pleased to host.

Simply Rockers Soundsystem

Clubbing Thursday, 18 January 23:00 | €10.82

The collective of select artists and musicians from Portugal and Brazil Simply Rockers Soundsystem finally returns to Musicbox, on a night in which they do a takeover not only on the Lisbon club’s stage but also on its sound system, installing their material on the stage and the DJ booth next to the bar.

Over six hours, this heavyweight dub session will also be a reunion with Kibir La Amlak, musician and producer responsible for Before Zero Records and an unavoidable figure in British dub, who will be mixing and editing live the songs selected by Simply Rockers Soundsystem.

Mandatory night for dub fans and beyond.


Concert Friday, January 19th 22:00 | 9€

Marked by influences such as neo-soul, blues, indie and jazz, Península began in 2021 and owes its name to the place where it come from.

Their first EP, the same name, was released last Friday and will be presented live at Musicbox on January 19th, in what will be the band’s first concert in this venue.


Clubbing Friday, 19 January 00:00 | €12.98

Dolce Vito spent years organizing parties in and around Paris as a DJ for the La Mamie’s collective, and the experience speaks for itself. His connection to Lisbon happens with his new project, Boavista Social Club, an audiophile bar in Cais do Sodré.

DJ, producer and songwriter Megatronic has been immersed in the music scene for over 20 years, strengthening her unparalleled talent and know-how in the industry. After deciding to enter the DJ scene in 2013, mixing a variety of beat selections, Megatronic dove headfirst into the club scene and eventually moved to the Middle East in 2016, allowing himself to completely immerse himself in music and culture, seeking to become an integral part of the region’s male-dominated alternative club scene.

On January 19th, these two DJs make their debut on Musicbox.

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, ticket place of sale, price, and availability.

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