In less than a year M.O.Co. already ranks among the best hotels in the city of Porto

TripAdvisor user reviews place the cultural and hotel space in the Top 3 preferences in the city of Porto. August program is full of alternative activities, which will transform M.Ou.Co into the “Invicta” summer spot.

In less than a year of operation, the M.Ou.Co. – Stay, Listen, Play, a recent cultural and hotel space in Porto, is already one of the favorites on the TripAdvisor portal. “The best recognition we can receive is precisely from our customers, and if they consider us one of the three best hotels in Porto, for us, those responsible for M.O.Co., this is something that fills us with pride”, emphasizes Teresa Martins, the hotel’s general manager. Which also guarantees that it is “a clear sign of the excellent work that the whole team is developing and that is leading us in the right direction”.

A subida ao Top 3 das preferências hoteleiras na cidade do Porto deve-se, claro está, à opinião comumente partilhada pelos clientes do alojamento.

Opened in September 2021, the M.Ou.Co. quickly distinguished itself from the competition due to the innovative character of a space where customers can take a guitar or an electric keyboard to their room, or stay in the same hotel as the artists whose concert they are going to attend. Yes, because of the M.O.Co. It also has a concert hall for 300 people.

The distinctive character of the complex, both in form and substance, is reflected month after month in the cultural program. August, for example, is full of alternative activities, which will transform the M.Ou.Co into the spot for the “Invicta” station. And between concerts and DJ Sets, there will be several workshops and masterclasses of different arts and unexpected crafts.

The agenda of initiatives includes a forró class; a workshop on upcycling objects into musical instruments (with Orquestra Lixofónica at the end); a multimedia musical fable with an air of concert; a work session on storytelling with movement; a dance matinee of swing & roll; a kora concerto (the 21-stringed lute-harp commonly used in most western Africa, to which a workshop will be dedicated); a concert in the garden, with Afro-Amerindian-Amazonian sounds; a singing workshop with adufe and… much more.

Tourists don’t skimp on praise

The rise to the Top 3 of hotel preferences in the city of Porto is, of course, due to the opinion commonly shared by accommodation customers.

A new hotel in a magnificently rehabilitated space”, guarantees online customer jalmeida2022, who considers this “a beautiful example of urban rehabilitation”. Already the user lilianaisabeleitao assures, on TripAdvisor, that she loved “the concept of the hotel, it has delicious details! Very helpful and friendly staff”, while patriciavincent426 comments that this is “a place to rest and with easy access for all mobility. It also has access to transport.

For Teresa Martins, these criticisms “are what make us grow, they help us to understand how we can improve our service to meet our customers’ needs”. “They are also an excellent way of showing our employees that their work and dedication bear fruit, captivate customers, and place our hotel among the best of the best in a city with such a wide range of hotels”, adds Teresa Martins.

The M.O.Co. presents itself as a multicultural space that invites you to wander through the musical universe, in an exponential diversity in each area of ​​the unit. From the 60 music-themed rooms – featuring “Voyage, voyage”, the “Immigrant song” or “Porto Sentido” – to the concert hall for 300 people standing. Not forgetting the three rehearsal and recording rooms, the Musicoteca with more than 600 vinyl albums, or the possibility of requesting, free of charge, a guitar or keyboard to take to the bedroom.

In May of this year, the hotel was awarded the National Prize for Urban Rehabilitation for the way in which it reused the old factory structure where it is located.

The architectural work maintained the format of the existing buildings and the main facade of the building, which forms the urban front of the street, thus allowing some of the characteristics that have always been present in this area of ​​Porto to be maintained.

This project arises from the concern to thinking about the city, tourism, culture, and community in an integrated way, being a proposal that, having music as a convergent element, was at the genesis of the name M.Ou.Co. – Music and Other Things, and considers community spirit crucial for promoting responsible tourism.

As early as last June, the M.O.Co. obtained the sustainability certification from Biosphere Sustainable Tourism, thus reinforcing the concern with environmental sustainability that has accompanied the entire cultural and hotel project in Porto, from its inception to the present day.

M.O.Co. is the acronym for Music and Other Things. Located in the heart of the city of Invicta, more precisely in the Bonfim area, this is the first hotel in the country with a multidisciplinary concept and openly aimed at the musical world. With 41 studios and 21 rooms (full of artistic evocations), a restaurant, bar, swimming pool, terrace, and gardens, the complex occupies a total of around five thousand square meters and is assumed as a cultural space of choice. To give maximum expression to your claim – “Stay. Listen. Play” -, the M.O.Co. it has a concert hall, three rehearsal rooms, a music library, a space for the musician’s health and well-being, and… a multitude of distinctive details that invite a prolonged discovery and a hotel experience full of meaning(s). The space bets on its own programming, which highlights important musical projects, both national and international. Like a soundtrack, all its nooks and crannies breathe stories. And animals are also welcome.

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