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Emily Jane White | Coimbra

Thu, Feb 20, 10:00 pm

“Immanent Fire”, Emily Jane White’s sixth studio album, puts us on the apocalyptic imminence of the annihilation of the species, while her voice guides us through a feeling that we live on a planet that faces the threshold of existence. White honors the sacred, the ground and the feminine, despite the threat of contemporary violent systems of power. It offers us a raw display of addiction and anxiety that have become normative. At the same time, it traces an alternative path to all this: the reassessment of the feminine, the receptive, the vulnerable and the emotional. “Immanent Fire” is a return to the center of everything, it is the appreciation of life itself – which in moments of ubiquitous despair becomes a form of resistance.
Co-supervised by Anton Patzner and Emily Jane White, “Immanent Fire” consists of ten melodic storms from which Emily’s vocals emerge, in a balance between a heavy melancholy and an intimate touch of light.

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