Empark announces 28 new charging stations in Lisbon

Empark today announced the start of operation of 28 new electric vehicle charging stations in seven car parks in the Lisbon region, with the aim of meeting customers’ needs.

The new car parks are located in Praça de Londres (3), Sete Rios (3), Alameda (6), Infante Santo (3), Avenida Roma (3), Baixa Chiado (3), and Largo da Estação in Cascais (7).

These charging stations occupy premium areas in car parks, and are distinguished by white walls and ceilings, with orange lines separating places, and as required by law, they are universally used and connected to the Mobi-e network.

By the end of April, Empark will have injected around 100 charging stations across the country, and by the end of the year, the expectation is that they will install another 50 stations, which include, in addition to Lisbon and Cascais, the cities of Porto , Vila Nova de Gaia, Portimão and Leiria.

In this way, the company intends to respond to a growing demand for this type of service, in which integrated solutions for the provision of parking and energy are designed, with the purpose of providing even more comfort and safety to owners of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

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