Nurses present to the Government a Diploma Proposal for a Unique Nursing Career

The Greve Cirúrgica Group has just presented a proposal for a diploma to the Minister of Health and the Minister for Modernization of the State and Public Administration, with knowledge of the Parliamentary Groups.

The document aims to guarantee a career regime common to all Nurses of the National Health Service, in order to resolve the inequalities in work between Nurses and to guarantee the recognition of the hardship of the profession.

The Group, which brings together hundreds of Nurses and has the support of the SITEU union, intends to reverse all situations of inequality resulting from the legislative evolution related to the regulation of the Nursing career, culminating in a single career applicable to all Nurses, regardless of the link to the under which they exercise their functions.

Inequalities started in 2002 with the start of the phenomenon of public hospitals’ entrepreneurialization and their effects have persisted over time, until today, leading hundreds of professionals to have resorted to the Courts to see their rights recognized.

In January 2021, the Deputy Ombudsman warned of the need to recognize the right to score points referring to years prior to 2018 for the purpose of nurses’ career progression under the Individual Employment Contract regime, and requests the intervention of the Assistant Secretary of State for Health. As early as 2018, the Commission for the Review of the Basic Law on Health had proposed the uniqueness of the careers of health professionals in the NHS, regardless of the legal employment relationship.

Aware of the difficulties in professional practice and the way in which the profession has been treated by the governments that have succeeded, the Greve Cirúrgica Surgical Group was created in November 2018, in an attempt to draw the attention of the entire population to the real importance of this professional class and for the serious problems they have been facing.

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