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English startup that created a program for autonomous cars wins the contest

The British startup Wayve, which created a program for autonomous cars, today won the competition for these companies in the initial stage at the technology Summit Web Summit in Lisbon, the jury said.

The announcement was made by the ‘pitch’ jury (short presentation of a company with only three to five minutes duration) on the main stage of the event, in the Altice Arena, after the final today, between three companies out of a total of 168 40 countries that competed.

“I’m sure it’s all going to be big companies and voting was not easy, but we ended up choosing not to follow the public’s choice,” said jury president Tom Stafford, announcing Wayne’s election.

In addition to this response, the jury was composed of the businesswomen Bedy Yang and Holly Liu.

Conversely, participants in the event chose the LvL5 ‘startup’ (with 46% of votes) through the Web Summit mobile phone application, which also uses artificial intelligence for standalone cars through the placement of video cameras.

Factmata (43%), information verification, and Wayve (11%) were followed.

Wayve is an early-stage company set up by young people at the English higher education institution Cambridge University, who have developed software with artificial intelligence to apply to self-employed cars.

The Web Summit ends today at the Altice Arena (formerly Meo Arena) and at the Lisbon International Fair (FIL) and attended by around 70,000 participants from 159 countries in what is the third edition of the 13 planned in Lisbon.

The technological, innovation and entrepreneurship summit Web Summit was born in 2010 in Ireland and moved to Portugal in 2016 and since then has generated an economic impact of more than 500 million euros.

Initially, the summit was scheduled to last for only three years, but in October of this year, it was announced that the event will continue to be held in Lisbon for another 10 years, ie until 2028, with annual counterparts of 11 million euros and expansion.

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