Ensemble de Actores at TMJB with VIVO❤MORTA on October 10

The Ensemble de Actores company, from Porto, comes to the Joaquim Benite Municipal Theater, on Saturday, October 10, at 9 pm, to present their most recent creation: VIVO❤MORTA, an original text by Jacinto lucas Pires, staged by Jorge Chick.

A conversation will be held with the audience after the show.

A woman dies alone. Or almost alone. A nurse watches your last breath – and falls in love.
Against the family (which has since appeared), the institutions that want to send it to the world of the dead (hospital, funeral home, church) and the society that does not welcome such fracturing relationships (public opinion chorus), the man tries to seduce the woman. Will this delicate, fragile love manage to overcome so many and so strong barriers?

A play to talk about two blindness of our time: the sickening denial of death and the excess of politically correct. With Vivo alive dead, we want to talk about it through a story and in a musical and comic way. We have characters, intrigue, action, but also a lot of questions.

Can our belief in the “victory of love over death” be taken literally, to the last consequences? Will personal freedom – the maximum, unassailable value in our societies – have no limits? If we want to protect ourselves so much from sadness, illness and loss, are we not creating a world that is too aseptic, undifferentiated and boring? And can we be truly happy without touching the wound of our mortality?

Once again, we challenge the writer and playwright Jacinto Lucas Pires to write a text for a specific cast.

This new creation intends to be a work in progress that will last for several months until its presentation: a transversal approach made by actors, musicians and dancers in search of modern and original possibilities of interpretation and artistic expression of an original of Portuguese dramaturgy, in a unique combination of talents and creativity, with the enthusiasm and innovation of those who share their own professional knowledge.

In this way, the opening of the theatrical experience to other performing areas is sought, the creation of productive partnerships with young creators with the subsequent contamination at the aesthetic level and at the level of new approaches and procedures, fostering the creation of artistic ties and synergies. between artists from different areas, such as theater, dance and music.


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