Entremuralhas Festival marked by concert output of church of Leiria

The works in Castelo de Leiria transform the Entremuralhas festival in Extramuralhas in 2018, transferring the programming to the city center, but the ninth edition is marked by the change of concerts planned for the Misericórdia Church.

The festival, which brings together 12 bands from France, Russia, England, Holland, Sweden, Spain, Norway, Germany, Denmark and Portugal, takes place between 23 and 25 August.

The program was set some time ago, but this week the concerts of German Christian Wolz and the French Rïcïnn were transferred from the Misericórdia Church to the Leiria Museum following the contest, by religious bodies and opposition councilors (PSD) to the use of that space, deacralized and transformed into an Intercultural Dialogue Center, for an artistic residence of students of the School of Dance in April of this year in another festival, the Metadança.

In a statement, the Leiria municipality justified the alteration of the concerts of Extramuralhas with “the recent controversy generated around the use of this space desacralizado for a dance show”, a decision challenged by the association Fade In, which organizes the festival.

“For Fade In we would never change places, we have nothing to fear, nor do we worry about the controversy. We have never disrespected anyone and it will continue to be.” But Leiria Municipal Council is a co-organizer of the event and, as such, We understand your decision, “says the president of the association, Carlos Matos.

“In this case (and in 99.99% of cases) it’s totally absurd. Nothing in this band [Rïcïnn] is horrible, nothing in this band is offensive, nothing here is Nothing justifies such narrowness. ”

The president of Fade In recalls that he has been fighting “for more than 25 years for a change of mentalities” in the city, but “apparently it has been work in vain.” Today I feel small, impotent. Caution!”.

The change of location ensures that the Extramuralhas “is carried out with the festive spirit that is so characteristic”, avoiding “that can be associated with a controversy that is totally unrelated.”

In a new format, for the first time outside of Castelo de Leiria, the festival will explore “a new territory”, which creates expectation: “From the previous reactions we have received since announcing this new costumes eight months ago, it seems that the ninth edition of the Gothic festival, like the previous ones, will also be a success in terms of public affluence, since the quality of the musical programming, of high gauge, has long been assured. ”

Current 93, Ulver and Heilung are featured on a “carefully chosen” schedule so that Leiria has “the opportunity to attend incredible concerts with some of the world’s greatest cult names.”

The realization of Extramuralhas in four spaces of Leiria will be “a landmark”, underlines Carlos Matos. “It will allow people who have never been to the editions that happened in the Castle to enjoy, for free, a little of the spirit of the festival and see some of the bands that characterize it.”

This is, however, a circumstantial change, as the works proceed on the monument that defines the mystique associated with the festival created by Fade In. In 2020, once the requalification is completed, the festival will once again be Entremuralhas, waiting for the organization.

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