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Interview with Nuno Melo on the day he presents Fora de Formato

March 15th at 9:30 pm at Teatro Constantino Nery, in Matosinhos

Nuno Melo presents, today, March 15th at 9:30 pm at Teatro Constantino Nery, in Matosinhos, his debut album Fora de Formato and spoke with ineews.

Tell us a little about yourself and your journey up to this point?

I’ve been a professional musician for as long as I can remember, I even studied Psychology at college and was enjoying the course, however, during my first record contract I froze my enrollment and never returned.
I started working in bands from a young age and I’ve always been writing songs. If I’ve released an album now it’s because it was exactly now that it had to happen.

How exciting is it to finally have this work published?

It is something that makes the body vibrate, that accentuates existence.
There is a bit of relief and a bit of purging too, the songs were already screaming for light, which was deafening me.
I’m a little more at peace, as much as possible, of course.

What was the creative process like?

It was a long journey, some songs are written and recorded in a day, others where a day only serves to add one word.
Much of it was recorded and mixed by me in my studio, with Edu Mundo in co-production.
Between songs already written a long time ago and others that were emerging, this album was created.
I also recorded two songs with Quico Serrano and three with Cláudio Tavares.

Nuno Melo

What message do you want to convey with this work?

It seems to me that the language of the album has some clarity about the subject it addresses, I like to play with words, for example in “Brexit lá em Casa”, or in “Línguas e Ralações Internacionais” and I like being able to go to a place deeper, for example in “Quase Nada”.
The important thing is to communicate, even more important if it comes from a well-informed and conscious place, which seems to me to be the role of the artist.

What are your musical influences?

I am very influenced by that generation of Chico Buarque, Caetano, Vinícius, Jobim, etc., it is a world very rich in melody, harmony and poetry.
I’m a Beatlemaniac too, I confess.
I don’t have any big boundaries in music, I listen to everything without categorization.

If you could choose any singer to do a duet with, who would it be?

There are several, however, we can now include Chico Buarque.

Which musician/s would you like to work with on your next project and why?

Very sincerely, I would like to continue working with the band that accompanies me, they are all incredible musicians it is impossible not to leave a deep thank you to all the musicians who participated in this album.

And after Matosinhos, where we can see you live, do you already have concerts scheduled?

I will be on April 2nd in Coimbra, in an acoustic format.
After that, more concerts will certainly appear.

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