Environmental Society Challenges Azoreans to Plant Native Species

Volunteers will be challenged on Saturday to integrate an action plantation of native species in the forest of Bichos, in the municipality of Povoação, in a pedagogical action to publicize the effects of recovery of species in the forest laurissilva.

“It will be visible in the territory the changes that are provoked by these intervention projects. These are plantations that have been carried out for five years and we can still see tests of natural engineering measures for the conservation of slopes, in an initiative that has a pedagogical character about the action of preserving the laurissilva forest, “said Rui Botelho, coordinator of the Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds (SPEA) in the Azores.

The initiative is part of the 25 years of SPEA, which on Saturday and Sunday promote various activities throughout the country.

In the Azores, SPEA has been active since 2001 and Rui Botelho explained that one of the initiatives designed to mark the date in the region is this pedagogical action on the island of São Miguel, where on Saturday all members and friends of the association are invited to adhere to the plantation of 12 native species in a natural habitat of the laurissilva forest, followed by a lunch/dinner and, in the afternoon, bird watching.

The idea, he continues, is to “make known a little” about SPEA’s work “in the interest of nature conservation”, justifying the choice of the place due to the accessibility to the visitation and being “an area that, throughout the several projects, has had conservation initiatives. ”

The area where the activity will take place is of average altitude and will be planted species “such as beech, white wood, heather, species that are adapted to the average altitude”, said Rui Botelho.

the coordinator stressed the pedagogical nature of this initiative so that “people see and get in touch with these plants, also gaining a sense of the difficulty of working in those places.”

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