Equipamentos Samsung facilitaram milhares de pagamentos na Web Summit

SIBS made the Tap & Pay solution available on Samsung equipment to facilitate MB WAY and Contactless payments.

An innovative system allows any smartphone with the android system to become a payment terminal anytime and anywhere.

About a hundred Samsung devices were active at the Web Summit, within the scope of a partnership developed with SIBS. Samsung smartphones made available the solution developed by SIBS, Tap & Pay, which allows a Samsung Galaxy with NFC to become a payment terminal, which allowed all participants in the Web Summit to make payments in a simple, safe, convenient and in mobility.

In this edition of the Web Summit, Samsung Galaxy A23 devices equipped with the mPOS app demonstrated the new Tap & Pay functionality developed by SIBS, through which thousands of transactions were processed in the “Food Courts” with an average purchase price of €12.90. Over the 4 days of the event, the solution was 100% available at all points of sale on the premises, processing bank cards for 116 nationalities.

“It is with great pride that Samsung has partnered with SIBS in this edition of the Web Summit to facilitate payments within the premises. The innovative system, developed by SIBS, combined with the technology and security of Samsung equipment, in this case, the Galaxy A23, allowed thousands of transactions to be carried out in a practical, safe, immediate and hassle-free manner for both merchants and events participants. The KNOX security platform, intrinsic to Samsung’s mobile devices, together with the Tap & Pay application by SIBS materialize a new generation of payment solutions supported by smartphones and tablets that will replace traditional payment machines in the near future.”, says Nuno Almeida, MX B2B Manager at Samsung Portugal.

SIBS is once again a cashless partner of the Web Summit, offering all participants the possibility of making their purchases at the event in a very simple, convenient and mobile way”, says Teresa Mesquita CMO of SIBS, adding that “the partnership with Samsung allowed us to provide the Tap & Pay solution to merchants on the premises for acceptance of MB WAY and Contactless. An innovative system that allows any smartphone with an android system to become a payment terminal and thus accept payments anytime, anywhere and on the go so that participants can make the most of the event.

The Tap & Pay application allows you to receive payments with MB WAY, bank card and NFC devices, simply using your smartphone or tablet with the Android operating system. The merchant will only have to install the application on his mobile device and he will be ready to accept payments.

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