Erea Castro – Debut single “Fica a Dica” now available

Erea Castro edits today her first single “Fica a Dica” on digital platforms.

The most extraordinary thing about this, in addition to the music itself, is that Erea Castro is a Galician artist who sings in Portuguese. And whose musical influences are either Mariza or Carminho or Monica Naranjo. A musical melting pot that gave rise to a style of its own.

As Erea Castro herself tells us “the fact that I was born and raised in a border area means that I also assume Portuguese culture as my own. For me, it is as unique as Galician and Spanish culture in general. a reality more common to the people of the border, we are all the product of the coexistence that takes place between the two banks“.

In fact, this assumption of Portuguese culture is right in the title of this debut single. Erea Castro explains that “Fica A Dica was one of the first expressions that I fixed in my learning of the Portuguese language, and I found the musicality of the expression so funny that I carried it to my music“.

This theme confirms that there is not only a strong relationship between Galicia and Portugal but there is even a common culture. Erea Castro states that “not only do I agree, but I also claim it through my songs. I believe that in the new generations, a new look is assumed, facing both nations. No complexes. I think that this principle of “unity makes strength” lies in how the relations between Spain and Portugal are now understood. As a historian, I cannot forget that in the Middle Ages, the Kingdom of Galicia reached almost to the Mondego, and the Cantigas de Amigo are already clear witnesses of how deep and fulfilled this union is“.

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