Ernest W. Baker parades in the official calendar of Paris Fashion Week

This is the first time that a national brand reaches the official calendar of this event, going beyond parallel demonstrations, parading alongside brands such as Louis Vuitton, Ungaro or Hermès, highlight those responsible. The pair opted for a video presentation for the premiere.

The presentation will take place at 11 am (Paris time), on the 10th of July, and should be broadcast on the Fashion Week website, then available on other platforms.

The collection of the national brand was inspired by the families of the two creators, having a “childish” and “naïve” tone, with soft colors.

Like fashion shows, showrooms, where designers get in touch with buyers from all over the world, will also be done online, something that led Ernest W. Baker to try to represent his pieces through photographs of the collection .

Despite the confinement period, the brand continued to work on its collection completely made in Portugal, with some factories remaining open, and so far has not been affected by the pandemic.

In 2018, Ernest W. Baker was among the 20 semifinalists at the LVMH awards (French group that includes brands like Louis Vuitton, Céline and Christian Dior).

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