Ervideira welcomes new products in its portfolio

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Ervideira, a wine producer in Alentejo, has just innovated its portfolio with the launch of a Premium Olive Oil and a Aguardente de Medronho.

The challenges of last year served for the company to innovate and, at the same time, support small businesses in the area, while encouraging national production very affected by the impact of the pandemic in 2020.

“After analyzing the situation in the market, we found excellent opportunities to diversify our portfolio and enter another adventure. Being able to innovate in our production and at the same time supporting small producers in the region, has become one of the most important factors for us at this time ”, explains Duarte Leal da Costa, Executive Director of Ervideira. “We feel it is a sure shot, as at the same time we maintain our intention to provide premium and innovative products to our consumers and enter new categories with the Ervideira brand”, concludes Duarte.

Ervideira Launches Premium Olive Oil

The New Olive Oil Ervideira is the result of a partnership with the Cooperativa de Portel, in order to be able to select the best DOP oils, fruit of the centenary olive trees of extensive olive groves of the Galega variety, produced by small farmers in the region.

Ervideira thus launches a premium olive oil on the market, now extending its vast portfolio of wines. A soft and fruity oil, with very low acidity (an oil that does not scratch the throat). It is so smooth that it is especially good to eat raw, in salad dressings, fish, or even on Alentejo bread toast.

In addition to Ervideira presenting a truly special olive oil, it helps and promotes the maintenance of small regional farmers, as well as the maintenance of extensive olive groves and the landscape rich in centuries-old olive trees.

Medronho Brandy of Ervideira

Several years after Ervideira planted the first arbutus trees and now has significant plantations of this plant, Ervideira now launches its first Aguardente de Medronho, and not a wine spirit as one would expect from a cellar.

The arbutus tree, Arbustos Unedo, also known as “Ervedeiro”, is a shrub used as decoration or for fruit production, which, when fermented and distilled, gives a unique, velvety, aromatic and very soft brandy. This new reference by Ervideira was made in partnership with Mestre Joaquim Inácio da Costa, arbutus master.

This very fine brandy is capable of drinking pure or in countless cocktails, so we add to this bottle a “Recipe Book”, and in which we leave the challenge of tasting the countless ways to enjoy it. It is best to share with friends!

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