Porto School of the Faculty of Law organizes employability event

November 14th at the Portuguese Catholic University, in Porto

More than 28 companies and law firms will be present at this year’s edition of the employability fair at the Escola do Porto da Faculdade de Direito da Universidade Católica Portuguesa, to share the major trends in the world of Law. An event that will take place on November 14th, on the Porto campus of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

RUMO Special Advocacy – Católica Employability Event in Porto 2023 | Portuguese Catholic University – Porto

“RUMO Especial Advocacia is an opportunity to bring our students and former students closer to the current panorama of recruitment in the legal area,” highlights Manuel Fontaine, director of the Porto School of the Faculty of Law of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

Throughout the day, at RUMO – Advocacia 2023 special, students and former students will have the opportunity to learn about the organization’s day-to-day activities and understand how it works; explore roles and career opportunities; identify differentiating opportunities (national and international); learn about existing internship programs; and know what professional profiles are sought after by the market. The presence of Societies and Law Firms that wish to meet students and alumni, but also share knowledge about major trends in the world of Law, has been confirmed, namely: Abreu & Associados; AdC LAWYERS; Andreia Lima Carneiro & Associados, Law Firm; Antas da Cunha Ecija & Associados; Cavaleiro & Associates; CCR Legal; Cerejeira Namora, Marinho Falcão; CMS Rui Pena & Arnaut; Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves Pereira; Dower; Eversheds Sutherland FCB; Garrigues; Linklaters LLP; Miranda & Associates; Morais Leitão, Galvão Teles, Soares da Silva; NFS Advogados; Pacheco de Amorim, Miranda Blom & Associados; Pérez-Llorca; Pinto Ribeiro Advogados; PLMJ – Law Society; PRA – Raposo, Sá Miranda and Associates; RBMS – Rodrigues Bastos, Magalhães e Silva & Associados; SRS Legal – Sociedade Rebelo de Sousa & Advogados Associados; TELLES; Uría Menéndez-Proença de Carvalho; Vieira de Almeida & Associados; Vieira Rocha Advogados; Yolanda Busse, Oehen Mendes & Associados. During the event, students can participate in “Partner Hour”, which will allow them to contact those who can recruit and lead them daily directly.

On November 15th, the Universidade Católica Portuguesa, in Porto, organizes RUMO – an employability event, which has been taking place for 13 years, bringing together companies and students from the different areas of training at the University, on the Porto campus of the Universidade Católica Portuguesa. This year the presence of more than 55 companies is confirmed.

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