Sculpture “Árvore” by João Concha exhibited in Évora

The “Árvore”, by the Alentejo sculptor João Concha, was installed today in Praça do Giraldo in Évora, where it will remain in the coming months.

A sculpture of imposing dimensions, about five meters high and weighing around three tons, this was the most recent work that João Concha conceived and built using raw iron as raw material in a waste condition. From the molding of shapes and using the welding technique, João Concha works with scrap making it take on new shapes and meanings.

This sculpture was a proposal by João Concha, supported by the Évora City Council as part of the Call for New Creations of the Arts in Rua 2020. It was completed by the artist in the shipyards of the Material Park of Évora City Council, where it received a stone base designed and executed by the sculptor Pedro Fazenda, from the Cultural Association “Pó de Vir a Ser”.

João Concha, 61 years old from Alentejo, was born in Santiago Maior and currently resides in Évora, in the parish of Graça do Divor. He exhibited individually for the first time in 2011 and since then has increased his artistic activity and participated in several events.

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