Esencia Tour by Pablo Milanês also passes through Porto

Casa da Música, on December 12th

The “trova nova” conductor, Pablo Milanés, one of the greatest treasures of the author’s song in Spanish, comes to Portugal to present Esencia, his latest show.

Accompanied by Ivonne Téllez at the piano and Caridad R. Varona on the cello, the Cuban artist proposes a recital that will travel through his wide career spanning six decades.

Milanés was one of the renovators of the Cuban song and sailed through many waters, always revealing to be a restless artist, as attentive to tradition as open to experimentation and thanks to this highly creative stance he won the applause of international critics and audiences: he recorded new song and boleros, jazz and rumbas, son and so much more, bequeathing to history important works such as El Breve Espacio, Para Vivir, Yolanda, Ya Ves and so many others, synonymous with the refinement of an art that has brought with enormous success to all continents.

Your concert will pass through these career milestones, but also through lesser-known gems, true gems of an immense discography that spans dozens of albums, the most recent of which, Amor, released together with his daughter, Haydée Milanés, in 2017.

Honoured with a Latin Grammy in 2005 and a Grammy of Musical Excellence in 2015, this troubadour never failed to challenge himself: he recorded a jazz standards album in English and has been preparing a revisit of some of his career milestones in salsa tones with some leading musicians of the genre, proof of the universal character of their art. More than enough material for an absolutely unmissable night.

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