Esfera – Individual and exclusive vinyl editions

Are released in April 2022

The project brings together several Portuguese artists in the recording of new phonograms and unpublished themes, with covers by Studio Dobra.

Esfera is a project directed and curated by André Tentugal and Henrique Amaro, which was developed in order to create high-quality solutions and total creative freedom for recording, editing and communicating new phonograms, also promoting proximity between musicians who, in many cases, they had never worked together before.

To fulfil this objective, a plan was designed that includes several stages between recording, mixing and mastering of themes developed in an artist residency process at Estúdio Arda Recorders (Campanhã, Porto) for 3 days.

With the premise of bringing together names of Portuguese music that had not yet met in the studio, artists from various quarters and genres of the national musical universe participate in this project, representing the quality and diversity that intend to mark Esfera: Miramar (a duo that brings together Frankie Chavez and Peixe) with JP Simões, Sensible Soccers with Carlos Maria Trindade, Mão Morta with Pedro Sousa, Joana Gama with Angelica Salvi, Adolfo Luxúria Canibal and Haarvol, Manel Cruz with Miguel Ramos and André Tentugal.

The result of these studio meetings was the recording of 2 unpublished songs by each of the groups of artists. Once the creative process in the studio and sound treatment is completed, a vinyl collection with all the recordings will be published in April 2022, in individual editions dedicated to each of the participants. It is a limited and exclusive edition of the project.

The graphic design of the project and its visual identity are by Studio Dobra, namely the covers of each individual vinyl edition that are now presented.

All recorded themes also have video clips, to be released soon, made by André Tentugal who also accompanied all the sessions in the studio with the various musicians and made the short video presented here, portraying a little of the environment lived in these sessions as well as the creative process of each group.

Esfera has the support of the Guarantee Culture program, promoted by the Ministry of Culture in 2021.

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