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Buses 101 and 102 are waiting for you

One of the pillars of Espaço Guimarães is environmental sustainability, and from January 2022 it will take another step in this direction.

The people of Guimarães can now go from the city centre to the shopping centre on the electric buses 101 and 102, which start and end at Espaço Guimarães. It has never been so fast and sustainable to get from one centre to another!

Espaço Guimarães, managed by Klépierre in Portugal, promotes sustainable mobility through the creation of two bus routes, 101 and 102, which depart from the centre of the city where Portugal was born and take people from Guimarães to the door of Espaço Guimarães. With purchases made, the people of Guimarães can take one of these buses again to return home.

Guimarães is a city of achievements and innovation, and in this sense, the bet on electric mobility is an important milestone for the city and for the people of Guimarães. To live up to this tradition, everyone who wants to visit us has easy access from the city centre to Espaço Guimarães, in a sustainable and ecological way.

Shared transport is in itself a more sustainable form of mobility, since the emissions made by the bus, in this case, are shared by all its passengers, reducing the ecological footprint of transport. And if the bus is electric, the footprint is even smaller! Electric vehicles do not emit gases into the atmosphere, unlike traditional vehicles that emit around 4.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year into the atmosphere. Electric vehicles, and particularly electric buses, are significantly less polluting, contributing positively to air quality. This type of vehicle is also quieter than traditional means of transport, reducing noise pollution.

Visit Espaço Guimarães and try these routes that are available in various parts of the city and that will leave you in front of the main entrance on Floor 0. They will be more conscious purchases with a reduced environmental impact. It’s just advantages!

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