Espaço Talante hosts exhibition by renowned cartoonist Miguel Paiva

Creator of iconic characters in Brazil such as “Radical Chic” and “Gatão de Meia Antiga”, Paiva brings to Portugal an exhibition about politics and the rise of the extreme right

End of the Nightmare”, is the definition of the cartoonist Miguel Paiva about the four years of Bolsonaro’s government in Brazil. And it is the cartoons from this period that the renowned artist brings to Portugal. The works are part of the “O Brasil Resenhado” collection, to be exhibited at Espaço Talante, at LX Factory, from June 7th, at 6:30 pm. Admission is free.

It’s a small sample of what I did in this very difficult period. I publish my cartoons in ‘Brasil 247’, which is an online newspaper with great penetration. The idea is precisely to tell this story through cartoons”, explains Paiva, who completes. “I’m about to release a book of cartoons from this period called ‘Diário do Inferno’. Lula’s return tries to rescue the country from the period of barbarism we are living in. Just being able to breathe democracy and politics again, as it should be, is already a great achievement”.

At the age of 73, Miguel Paiva has a long career in Brazil with historical characters such as Radical Chic (which became a show on TV Globo, starring Andréa Beltrão), Gatão de Meia Idade (who won a film starring Alexandre Borges) and Chiquinha, among others. others. At Espaço Talante, Paiva will show the political side, which is also very important in his work.

The Cartoon has always been a subversive way of narrating the truth of facts. The cartoon shows the opposite of things and has the ability to discover deviations to reveal the facts. That’s why it bothers authoritarians so much”, says the artist.

Portugal has a special place in the life of Miguel Paiva, who comes to the country every year. A fan of Portuguese cartoons, Paiva highlights two professionals with whom he has the desire to work. “I know and really like the cartoonist António and Cristina Sampaio. I would love to do something with them. I go to Portugal every year, sometimes even twice a year. My wife, Ângela Vieira, is a very well-known actress in Portugal, she has citizenship. We have many friends and a strong emotional connection with the country”, he says.

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