“Esperava mais de ti” by Nuno Lanhoso, Bianca Barros and Rita Rocha is now available

“Esperava mais de ti” is the first single by Nuno Lanhoso, Bianca Barros and Rita Rocha and is now available on all digital platforms.

The three artists share a love that unites them, music, and they decided to get together one afternoon to exchange experiences, cell phone notes and melodies. On the same day, an excerpt of the song was published by the artists on social networks and, given the great reaction from the public, they decided to edit the song.

On Bianca Barros’ Tik Tok, the video reached 80,000 views. Thus, in an afternoon that, according to the artist, was “to make music without commitment” ended up being transformed into a new song.

This new theme then emerges, “from an unlikely combination”, says Rita Rocha, while Nuno Lanhoso guarantees that “the most beautiful things are born without pretensions or compromises”.

“Esperava mais de ti” can now be heard on all digital platforms and the music video directed by Rita Seixas is now available on Youtube.

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