Vertical dance show and video mapping at Estremoz’ Castle

Miguel Tira Picos and João Pataco, from Estremoz, Got Talent Portugal 2020 winners, together with their road mates Bruno Rosa and Mónica Alves, return to Estremoz for the presentation, at the emblematic Castelo de Estremoz, of a unique show and unmissable, which they called “OPEN AIR – Where video mapping meets circus“.

OPEN AIR” is a project by Oskar&Gaspar, considered by many to be the best video mapping company in the world, in partnership with the Laboratory, an artistic structure that represents a collective of professionals, with a relevant path in the last 10 years in the areas of performance and the new circus, which brings together the artistic practices of video mapping with vertical acrobatic dance, and which will embody a visual and physical narrative that seeks to recognize the foundations of any society: creating a joint experience to respond to threats and fantasies future.

This is a show that lives off fantasy and mixes the digital experience and the new circus, with vertical dance, sharing a reality of body and heart floating in space and time, as if wanting to offer all spectators the same open and open air space, so that we can all breathe in synchronous mode for a little while and be able to get our feet back on the ground with another protection.

OPEN AIR – Where video mapping meets circus“, which has the unconditional support of the Municipality of Estremoz, is an experience not to be missed, which will take place on the 3rd and 4th of September, at 9 pm and 10 pm, at Estremoz Castle.

The opening of the doors will be brought forward to 20:20 hours, for the first performance of the night and to 21:30 hours, for the second show, and in both there will be musical entertainment by the Sociedade Filarmónica Artística Estremocense.

OPEN AIR – Where video mapping meets circus” is a show organized by Oskar&Gaspar, together with the Laboratory, and which has the support of the Municipality of Estremoz.

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