Multidisciplinary show “Palaphita” at José Afonso Park, Baixa da Banheira

José Afonso Park, in Baixa da Banheira, receives, on July 23, at 6:30 pm, the multidisciplinary show “Palaphita”, by PIA – Projetos de Intervenção Artística.

On the banks of the river, planted, ephemeral stilt buildings stand on the banks illustrating houses suspended from rolled-up balconies, which tell the stories of a small migratory community, united in the incessant search for the external sign that humanity has always craved.

In an imaginary universe inspired by vernacular buildings, the Palafita is the architectural element that sets the tone for the creation of this work, which conceives the material for the construction of shelters suspended between stilts and temporary bandages, which illustrate, through stories, objects, and shapes, bridges of identity and margins, valuing the nomadic, intuitive and surviving spirit.

Technical and artistic information: Production: PIA Projetos de Intervenção Artística, CRL | Author, staging, artistic direction, and plastic design: Pedro Leal | Actor/movement direction and staging/creation assistance: Helena Oliveira | Technical direction and operation: Igor Azougado | Technical assistance and operation: Álvaro Pressumido | Scenographic assistance: Álvaro Presumido, Catarina Mota, Tiago Augusto | Sound Effects: Miguel Domingues, Pedro Leal | Production and audiovisual direction: Helena Oliveira | Video and image direction: Matilde Calado | Costumes: Ellis Tagarroso | Performers: Antónia Peris, Carlota Oliveira, Catarina Mota, Tiago Augusto | Acknowledgment/artistic accompaniment: Joana Pupo | Support for creation: Portuguese Republic – Culture/ General Directorate of Arts.

This initiative, aimed at the general public, is part of the Cultura em Movimento program, promoted, in July and August, by the Municipality of Moita, parish councils, and associative movement. The complete program can be found HERE.

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