“Esse Amor” – The debut single of Vai e Vem

Vai e Vem is a new national project of pop music sung in Portuguese and, which edits its debut single Esse Amor, on October 18th.

This Love portrays a true story between encounters and mismatches, between the love that existed and persists in being, in the midst of adversity and times of peace … True love is always, is part of us.

The single Esse Amor is part of the soundtrack of the new soap opera Na Corda Bamba and can now be heard on national radio.

Formed by the two friends Vitor and Diogo, the Vai and Vem have also had their encounters and disagreements with other musicians who went through the project. But from the beginning, they always wrote the melodies, wrote the lyrics. Inspired by their lives and those close to them.

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