Estoril Casino hosts Cascais Symphony Orchestra at New Year’s Concert

In a New Year’s concert, the Estoril Casino’s Black and Silver Hall will host the Cascais Symphony Orchestra on 5th January at 6 pm.

This is a special concert featuring various works by the Strauss family. The conductor will be Nikolay Lalov.

The Cascais Symphony Orchestra takes the stage of the Black and Silver Hall to present the traditional New Year’s concert.

Program at the Estoril Casino Black and Silver Room

  • J. Strauss Künstlerleben (Artists Life) Op. 316
  • J. Strauss Jugendträume Op. 12
  • Ed. Strauss Polka Ohne Aufenthalt Op. 112
  • J. Strauss Es war wunderschön (It was beautiful) March Op. 467
  • Josef Strauss Sport Polka Op. 170
  • J. Strauss Freuet Euch des Lebens (Rejoice your life) Op. 340


  • J. Strauss Fest March Op. 452
  • Ed. Strauss Elektrisch, Polka Schnell RV 901 RV 901
  • Josef Strauss Mein Lebenslauf ist Lieb und Lust (My Character is Love and Joy) Op. 263
  • J. Strauss Opening of Die Fledermaus Opera
  • J. Strauss Furious Polka Op. 260
  • J. Strauss Bauern Polka (Peasand Polka) Op. 276

Estoril Casino supports this cultural event in partnership with the D. Luis I Foundation and Cascais City Council.

The Estoril Casino’s Black and Silver Room will host, next Sunday, January 5, at 6 pm, the New Year’s concert featuring the Cascais Symphony Orchestra. M / 6. Price: 5 € to 10 € / Discounts for + 65 years and Students.

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