Estoril Lisboa Festival starts with a tribute to victims of Covid-19

The concert, scheduled for the Church of S. Roque, in Lisbon, for technical reasons associated with the pandemic, will take place at 9 pm in the auditorium of the Museu do Oriente, announced the organization.

The interpretation of “Canção da Terra”, in addition to Ensemble Darcos, includes the participation of mezzo Cátia Moreso and tenor Marco Alves dos Santos.

With artistic direction by José Piñeiro Nagy, the festival evokes in this edition several ephemeris: the fifth centenary of the death of King Manuel I and the circumnavigation voyage, captained by Fernão de Magalhães, in the service of the Spanish crown, the 75th anniversary the death of the Spanish composer Manuel de Falla (1846-1946) and the 95th anniversary of the premiere of his Concerto for Harpsichord, composed for Wanda Landowska, premiered on November 5, 1926, in Barcelona.

The Festival runs until December 18 in different scenarios, from the Teatro de S. Carlos, to the church of S. Vicente de Fora, the Sé Patriarcal, to the Convento dos Cardaes and to the auditorium of the Escola Secundária Camões, in Lisbon, as well as the Hotel Palácio, in Estoril, and the Casas da Gandarinha-Cultural Center of Cascais.

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