Estoril Sol celebrates 20 years of “Egoísta” with the launch of a special edition

Faithful to its cultural matrix, Estoril Sol has just launched a new edition of the magazine “Egoísta”, in the middle of a pandemic season that poses new and decisive challenges to the country and the world. This is a special issue that marks, precisely, the 20th anniversary of “Egoísta”, a cult magazine that has consolidated itself as the most awarded publication at European level.

Egoista 20 years, it is a commemorative edition that, like all of us, was caught up in the pandemic and confinement. Ready in February this year, the edition is now on the market and there are countless reasons not to miss this special issue for 20 years ”, explains publisher Patrícia Reis.

We highlight the essay by António Barreto, whose title reflects the purpose of the text: Twenty Years: There is no Heaven without Hell. It is an analysis of what these two decades of the new millennium were with a specific focus on the Portuguese reality.” Among other things, António Barreto writes: “The world is in a rage, the climate and nature are angry. In these 20 years, due to telluric evolution or the work of man, there have been some of the worst catastrophes of which there are memory and record“, reveals Patrícia Reis.

Other perspectives are pointed out by Paula Cosme Pinto, who chooses women for this century, highlighting those she considers most significant in the struggle for a parity world. Filipe Santos Costa does not make an analysis or a fiction – there are ten portraits of reality that Gonçalo F. Santos took on the task of illustrating with exclusive photographs. Another must-see is the set of fictions, unpublished narratives, signed by Tânia Ganho, Valter Hugo Mãe, or Rui Couceiro. Different universes are explored, always taking into account time, the power of time, the marks of time. We looked at the space with Miguel Gonçalves, the century with Sebastião Reis Bugalho and the world with Patrícia Reis. Poetry comes to us through the hand of Maria Quintans. Kenton Thatcher, Carlos Ramos, Luís Filipe Cunha and, again, Gonçalo F. Santos stand out in the artistic portfolios. The illustration – and the most playful aspect of this edition – is the responsibility of Júlia Cunha.

At the opening of the editorial “Valeu a Pena?”, Mário Assis Ferreira, director of “Egoísta”, recalls: “One day, something distant, I had the incautious temptation to edit a“ Jornal de Boas Notícias ”. This daring feat, soon cancelled by a fateful economic study that dictated the burden of a small circulation due to the lack of interested readers, much more eager for news shadows …

Penumbras that lead us back to a semantic perimeter circumscribed by misfortunes, cataclysms, corruptions, barbarism, what an evil condiment of an existence tempered in gall… Is that, perhaps, human nature … Or perhaps morbidity is synonymous with naivety: something different would be our view of the world if evil were not exercised under the guise of good. Although this benevolent appearance appears disguised as a news duty, fed in ghettos of informative tribalization, exacerbating opinions, ignoring facts, burying the truth in the cemetery of ethics.

So we let ourselves be submerged in vortexes of hopelessness, subjugated to the rawness of what we read, saw and heard, unskilled in unravelling between the truth of the facts and the lie of fake news. For the greater the slander and the insidious intrigue, the more the memory sharpens us in the desire to believe!

This is, however, what “Grito do Ipiranga”, that this edition of Egoísta is dedicated to cultivating another vision of a world that, over the last two decades, has also brought us good news. And because we call ourselves “Egoísta”, let us live up to the presumption of this subjectivism, to celebrate, as good news, the twenty years of publication of a Magazine that opened, in the Portuguese editorial panorama, a beacon of luminous literary, artistic and cultural exaltation.

Launched 20 years ago, the “Egoísta” Magazine has already been awarded 90 national and international awards in the area of ​​journalism, design, editing, creativity and advertising, which makes it the most awarded publication at European level.

In yet another collector’s edition, the “Egoísta – 20”, like the others, is to keep. Readers of the magazine “Egoísta” can find it for sale at Clube IN of Casino Estoril and Casino Lisboa. “Egoísta” also has a subscription campaign and is available at

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