Estoril Sol distributed in 2019 more than 2,838 million euros in prizes

The global value of prizes distributed, in 2019, by Estoril Sol, exceeded 2,838 million euros. The largest gambling operator in the country, – holder of the Casino Estoril, Casino Lisboa and Estoril Sol Digital concessions, – registered an absolute record of prizes distributed, in a single year, by its bettors, that is, 132 million euros more than in the period 2018 counterpart.

It should be noted that, in 2019, Casino Lisboa registered an expressive premium return rate of 1,046 million 305 thousand and 746 euros. The spaces reserved for the Casino Lisboa Game distributed, on average, more than 2 million 866 thousand euros per day, thus providing another memorable year to many of its visitors.

Opened on April 19, 2006, Casino Lisboa is distinguished by its modern areas reserved for gambling, with 1076 slot machines and 28 gaming tables operational.

In turn, Casino Estoril distributed, during 2019, to the visitors of its gaming spaces, an expressive global prize value of precisely 853 million 580 thousand and 651 euros, which translates into an average, higher than 2 million and 338 thousand euros per day.

The modern gambling areas of Casino Estoril are also distinguished by a very diverse offer. The regulars have 722 slot machines and 19 gaming tables at their disposal.

A reference in the online sector, Estoril Sol Digital distributed, in 2019, more than 939 million euros. This is a 22.9 percent growth in total game volume compared to the same period in 2018.

Launched in July 2016, Estoril Sol Digital started its activity when the new Portuguese law for Online Gambling came into force. Maintains the market leadership in-game volume (casino and overall) – 36.7% and 33.2% respectively.

It should also be noted that Estoril Sol Digital recorded a significant growth of 62% in the number of games available online, compared to 2018, thus increasing the offer of options for its customers.

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