Estoril Sol reopens Casino Estoril, Casino Lisboa and Casino da Póvoa

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Estoril Sol reopened today, May 1st, Casino Estoril, Casino Lisboa and Casino da Póvoa, complying with the recent resolution of the Council of Ministers, held last Thursday.

Closed since January 15th, Estoril Sol Casinos reopen with the following opening hours: Casino Estoril and Casino Lisboa open at 11 am, while Casino da Póvoa opens at 12 pm (except this Saturday and Sunday, which will open at 1:00 pm). Closing is scheduled for 11 pm.

With a strict protocol that maintains compliance with the rules and recommendations of the General Directorate of Health – DGS, Estoril Sol Casinos have as a top priority the protection of the health, safety, and well-being of all their customers and employees.

It should be noted that, at the time of opening, at 11 am, Casino Estoril and Casino Lisboa only provide access to the areas of the automatic machine rooms and their support snack bar. Thereafter, at 1 pm, customers will be able to access the remaining public areas, namely traditional game rooms, central snack bars, and art galleries.

Estoril Sol Casinos were distinguished with the “Clean & Safe” certificate from Turismo de Portugal. It should also be noted that Casino Estoril and Casino Lisboa joined the COVID OUT service, Seal of Trust, Clean Surfaces Safe Places, issued by ISQ, which guarantees that the effectiveness of the measures implemented has been evaluated and ensures that the locations are insurance.

As usual, Estoril Sol will remain attentive to the evolution of Covid-19 in Portugal, remaining in close cooperation with the national authorities and making itself available to change procedures or adopt new measures that are justified.

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