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Premieres on January 31st, at 8:15 pm, at SIC Radical Hill Street Blues

The acclaimed series ‘Hill Street Blues’ is SIC Radical’s new offering, with its premiere scheduled for next week.

The action of this successful series takes place in the Hill Street police station, the heart of a radically torn apart and crime-ridden police station in an unidentified urban metropolis, where peace is maintained thanks to a tenuous trust between the police and the people she protects.

Each episode traces a new day in the life of ‘The Hill’, balancing the personal and professional lives of the characters, always in the constant attempt to capture new criminals.

Over its seven years of broadcasting, ‘Hill Street Blues’ won six Emmy Awards, including Best Drama Series, for four consecutive years.

‘Hill Street Blues’ is broadcast from Monday to Friday, at 8:15 pm, and repeats on Sundays, starting at 7:30 pm.

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