Premiered the first episode of 7naSET

59 / 5 000 Resultados da tradução The new series of concerts at the Sons em Trânsito office

The first episode of the 7naSET concert cycle, recorded and edited at the Sons em Trânsito office, is now available.


Pedro Abrunhosa sets the tone for 7naSET at the premiere of the first episode of this new project, which brought together in his office, in Aveiro, some of the most diverse national music artists. The first season is divided into 7 episodes with 7 concerts that will be released in the next 7 working days.

During the month of August of last year, the office was transformed to receive 7naSET. The agency room became a sound studio, the accounting room became the make-up room, the meeting room became the dressing room, and the stage was in the middle of everything.

It was a challenge, a joint effort that allowed the creation of 7naSET, making us go further to create the necessary conditions to receive Artists, bands, and technicians in one of the most critical periods of the Portuguese artistic conjuncture.

The culmination of 7naSET is now, finally, shared on digital platforms, with the absolute premiere of the concert cycle starting with the performance of Pedro Abrunhosa. Ana Bacalhau, IRMA, Bárbara Bandeira, MEMA., Rita Redshoes and Tiago Nacarato are the artists in the first season.

  • August 16 – Pedro Abrunhosa
  • August 17 – Ana Bacalhau
  • August 18 – IRMA
  • August 19 – Barbara Bandeira
  • August 22 – MEMA
  • August 23 – Rita Redshoes
  • August 24 – Tiago Nacarato

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, tickets place of sale, price, and availability.

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