Erasmus students in Porto involved in solidarity action

Collection of non-perishable food and feminine hygiene products benefit users of the Residential Shelter House of Nossa Senhora do Livramento, in an initiative promoted by Erasmus Student Network Porto

After a couple of identical actions in the last two months, in the form of “Careoke” (a solidarity karaoke for collecting food) in favor of ADDIM – Democratic Association of Women’s Rights and Interests and the Gesto e Palavra Association, Erasmus This Tuesday, Student Network Porto has another social support initiative underway, this time for the benefit of users of the Residential Shelter House of Nossa Senhora do Livramento, which receives female children and young people aged between six and 25 years old.

Developed with international students attending courses at higher education institutions in Porto, under various international mobility programmes, the new action to collect non-perishable food and also feminine hygiene products, centered in Trindade Bar, is seen by Erasmus Student Network Porto as “a way for international students to return affection to the local community that welcomes them”, in the words of Márcia Branco, from ESN Porto.The involvement of young international students with the community where they are inserted is important, because it increases the feeling of belonging”, adds Márcia Branco.

The Residential Shelter House of Lar de Nossa Senhora do Livramento (private non-profit social solidarity institution) provides protection to female children and young people in situations of danger or negligence, with the ultimate aim of their rehabilitation, whether it takes the form of reunification or foster care, adoption or autonomy. The entity provides accommodation, food and personal care, as well as monitoring and promoting their integral development.

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