Ethnographic groups in the municipality perpetuate the sounds and traditions of the people

Proença-a-Nova invited the county’s three ethnographic groups to record an album whose objective is to preserve local ethnographic and folk traditions

The Group of Dances and Songs of the Social, Cultural and Recreational Center of Montes da Senhora, the Group of Dances and Popular Songs of Sobreira Formosa and the Folkloric Ranch “Resineiros de Corgas” were invited by the Municipality of Proença-a-Nova to record themes in a single cd representative of the vast musical repertoire, with the aim of preserving the ethnographic and folkloric sounds and traditions, an identity matrix that runs through the arts and crafts of the people.

Voice and tradition of Proença-a-Nova is the name of the album, which includes a set of themes that integrate the vast collection of these groups and results from the Municipality’s strategy of ensuring maintenance and perpetuating the history of the people.

The folkloric ranches, which embody the experience, maintenance and promotion of fashions and songs, through collections made and which reflect the period between the twenties and sixties of the last century, express customs and crafts of that time-space.

These groups were formed mostly between the end of the 70s and the beginning of the 80s and in common they share the inspiration in the lyrics and songs that were based on the work of the land (in the harvest of the olives, in the linen, in the weeds, in the mowing), in everyday events, they intended to make known how the people of their municipality had fun on Sundays, in the terreiro after Mass, on festival days, on workdays and, above all, they showed pride in their roots.

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