Etimba Festival celebration of music and solidarity

A music festival was held at Espaço Espelho d’Água, in Belém, with an artist from two continents united for a common cause, the construction of the community library of Lobito in Angola.

The Community Library will be built in the province of Benguela, Municipality of Lobito, Bairro 27 de Março /Lixeira, and intends to fight social inequalities and raise the level of the intellectual development of children, adolescents and young people, an idea that came from a boy who sent an email Eduardo Gumbe.

The 4th edition of the Etimba Festival will be broadcast by streaming between Luanda and Lisbon in June, with the aim of “celebrating African art”.

The poster of the fourth edition will be composed by artists from different areas, music, cinema, theatre and plastic arts. With performances on stages in Luanda and Lisbon.

Several mini-concerts that celebrate Africa in the diaspora that had the presence in Lisbon of Prince Wadada, Irina Vasconcelos, Yuri da Cunha, Alba Nigra, Chálo Correia, B-SKilla and Gilmário Vamba that brought us to the stage a lot of humour, with intelligence and good disposition.

Distributed for 2 days, first with Alba Nigra, Prince Wadada and the spectacular Irina Vasconcelos, who filled the stage with good music.

Alba Nigra of which Marku Peão and Edwinson Pinho are part, a still recent project but with good music that opened the festival with great quality. Afterwards, Prince Wadada, musician, composer and producer, took to the stage and, with his reggae rhythm and friendliness, infected the entire audience.

This was followed by Gilmário Vemba, who took to the stage his intelligent humour, his good disposition. The audience, in turn, filled the room with smiles and laughter.

The night ended with Irina Vasconcelos, singer and songwriter and one of the founders of this festival, who took to the stage her rock fusion jazz, which has won her several awards. During the performance of Irina, Mestre Cabuenha told us the story of God, the Sun of the Moon and Man.

Irina Vasconcelos also gave us a small interview about this project.

The second day started with B-SKilla, followed by Chálo Correia and ended with Yuri da Cunha.

B-SKilla, rapper and MC from Southside, opened the second day of the Festival, in love with Hip Hop culture, B-Skilla soon began to compose and express his ideas through Rap.

This was followed by Chálo Correia, one of the icons of Angolan music, was present in the company of Galiano Neto in the choirs and percussion and Débora Aguiar, a young talent who will give much to talk about in the Angolan music scene and beyond.

To end the second day and the recordings in Lisbon, Yuri da Cunha, Angolan singer, winner of several awards in Angola and who performed last month with Paulo Flores at Coliseu dos Recreios, took the stage.

The 4th edition of the Etimba Festival can be watched in streaming from the 18th to the 26th of June on the musickoolnet platform and on RTP Africa television, install and watch the festival and support this project.

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