EU and Galp will carry butane gas to about 130,000 Guineans

More than 100 families will now receive butane gas ‘kits’ under a project of the European Union and the Galp Foundation to bring that type of energy to the kitchen of about 130,000 Guineans.

At a cost of EUR 1 million, the Fumu Kaba (smoke-free) project is funded 90% by the European Union and 10% by the Galp Foundation and aims to encourage Guineans to stop using coal to cook food and replace using gas.

The project, which will last 24 months, will be executed by the Union of Portuguese Capitals Cities (UCCLA) in partnership with the Bissau City Council.

The representative of the Galp Foundation, Sandra Aparício, praised the importance of the project to promote cooperation and sustainable development, noting that her company has been present in Guinea Bissau “for about 50 years.”

Sandra Aparicio spoke on Monday during the presentation of the project at the Portuguese Cultural Center in Bissau.

Initiated with the communities of Guinean capital, the objective will be, after an evaluation of its impact, to take the project to the rest of Guinean localities, he stressed.

The challenge is to help Guineans cope with the energy transition, aiming to produce clean energy food, Galp’s representative said.

Under the project, 25,000 bottles of butane gas will be distributed to some 25,000 households in Bissau, equivalent to about 50% of the families living in the Guinean capital.

The project’s proponents believe that its implementation will lead to a reduction of 530 thousand tons of carbon dioxide (Co2) emissions and will avoid deforestation of the equivalent of an area of 100 thousand hectares.

They also hope that with the introduction of butane gas in the kitchen, women will have more time for other activities and work with safe technology, which will have a positive impact on their health.

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