EU.CLIDES releases “Declive”, its debut album

EU.CLIDES has just released its first album, produced by Pedro da Linha and which will be presented on the 4th of May at Lux, in Lisbon, and on the 2nd of June at M.Ou.Co, in Porto.

It’s one of the most anticipated albums of 2023. The consecration as revelation artist of the Play awards was the natural evolution of EU.CLIDES, after songs like ‘Volte-Face’ that he presented at the Festival da Canção or the EP “Reservado”. Now, “DECLIVE“, which comes out today, is the masterpiece that results from all these experiences that the artist has had in recent years.

DECLIVE” reflects, in a more or less premeditated way, the distance covered between the turbulent period (sometimes literal) of the tours, marked by anxiety attacks, sudden panic attacks, and family crises; and the period of rescuing the primordial values of love, friendship, spirituality and the return to a childhood passion for making music again. All of this happens in a labyrinthine and almost never autobiographical way. One of the challenges was precisely to create radically different stories and characters and give them credibility, relevance, and relevance. Deep down, with all the escapes that brought him here, EU.CLIDES left nothing behind. The album features production by Pedro da Linha and lyrics by TOTA.

“There are no highs without lows, but at least there is the panic of the descent and the effort of the ascent—there is life.”

DECLIVE“, EU.CLIDES‘ first full-length, is already, as of today, available on all streaming platforms. The disc will be presented live, on May 4th, in Lisbon, at Lux, and on June 2nd, in Porto, at M.Ou.Co and tickets will be on sale from next Tuesday.

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, tickets place of sale, price, and availability.

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