“Eu e Tu” joins D.A.M.A and Mike 11

in a collaboration implemented across borders

O guitarrista, cantor e compositor convidou o trio a formar um quarteto numa balada conduzida a guitarras com travo sevilhano.

Mike11 is back to the releases in his name with an unexpected collaboration. After editing his second album of originals – ELEVEM, work that premiered precisely a year ago -, the guitarist, singer and composer extended the invitation to D.A.M.A for an intimate collaboration in “Eu e Tu”.

Returning to the news solo, Mike11 gathered an authentic team of notable musicians, from the trio composed by Francisco Pereira (aka Kasha), Miguel Coimbra and Miguel Cristovinho to several musicians involved in composition and post-production – among them Sebastian Crayn, an artist with whom the author of 19.2k usually works. Guitars recorded in Seville, in the studio of Luis Villa – winner of a Latin Grammy -, “Eu e Tu” brings to national soil this tone of the songbook across the border, without losing, however, the essence of the Portuguese strings that echo in the voices of these Portuguese singers.

The truth is that Mike 11 and D.A.M.A had already crossed paths, proof of this is the hit “Lonely in the Rain” along with T-Rex, music that is part of the D.A.M.A album released in 2020. Later this year, at the gala of the Portuguese Music Awards – PLAY, Mike11 joined D.A.M.A and Buba Espinho for a special performance of the theme “Casa“.

Recognized from an early age as one of the most prodigious guitarists of his generation, Mike11’s path has diversified through the fields of R&B and urban music, to the ride of the inseparable roots of the fado that the artist carries. Already with two long solo durations in the portfolio, Mike11 continues to print an unmistakable mark on Portuguese music due to the unlikely collaborations that have added up over the last few years. T-Rex, Barbara Bandeira, Jaca, Agnes Nunes, or the giant Ty Dolla $ign, are some of those capital names that we find in his repertoire.

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