EU presents 11 recommendations for a stronger Europe

Brussels highlights the need to invest in research and innovation to support the sustainable and inclusive growth of companies, especially in less developed regions. The 2020 edition of the document published every two years presents 11 policy recommendations to support Europeans.

The report also emphasizes the importance of ensuring that Europeans have the right skills, in a world where technology is always evolving.

The document also highlights the significant role of research and development policy in enhancing the productivity of companies, which results in more jobs and sustainable value creation.

The 11 recommendations proposed in the report are divided into three main pillars: research and innovation for a safe and just Europe for humanity, for global leadership and for an economic and social impact.

Portugal is mentioned several times in the report. In the case of structural change, the report states that it is heterogeneous in the different Member States. While most countries have experienced a drop in their share of high-tech manufacturing jobs, some have increased their specialization.

Portugal is one of the exceptions, reinforcing specialization and reversing the negative trend. The 7.1% increase deserves a highlight and a positive note in the report.

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