EU provides 30 million to the Angolan Social Support Fund

The European Union (EU) has provided € 30 million to Angola’s Social Support Fund (FAS) to finance construction and rehabilitation projects for various socio-economic infrastructures in several Angolan provinces, it was announced today.

The information was transmitted by the EU ambassador to Angola, Tomás Ulicny, while speaking at the ceremony to present the Strategic Plan of the FAS for the period 2018-2022, noting that the financing benefits 14 Angolan municipalities.

According to the European diplomat, funding for the fourth phase of the FAS Local Development Project, which is part of the 10th European Development Fund (EDF), focuses mainly on “combating poverty and generating income”.

“The ultimate goal is to contribute to poverty reduction through the provision of more efficient decentralized services and increased business opportunities and income generation,” he said.

In the framework of the actions carried out in Angola, Tomas Ulicny also recalled that the European Union supported the FAS in the elaboration of a dynamic municipal profile of 30 municipalities.

“These instruments are necessary to diagnose and identify areas for improvement in the provision of basic social services, as well as the potential for the promotion of the local economy and diversification of the national economy,” he noted.

Since the beginning of its activity 24 years ago, FAS has implemented more than 4,100 projects in Angola, including the construction and rehabilitation of various social and economic infrastructures, benefiting more than 10 million people.

The European Union ambassador to Angola has also provided ongoing support to the activities of the Angola Social Support Fund, noting that the EU has been supporting FAS since 2004.

“The European Union has always financed some FAS support projects from almost all the provinces of the country with EDF resources, of which EUR 45 million has been allocated to FAS III, which allowed the construction of infrastructures,” he concluded.

The Strategic Plan of the FAS until 2022 is estimated at US $ 200 million and Angolan authorities have already secured funding of 49% of the amount.

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