EU wants more Cape Verdean scientists on European projects

European Commissioner Carlos Moedas announced today in the city of Praia that Cape Verdean scientists will be able to participate in European Union (EU) research programs, normally defined for the Member States, whose funding does not limit.

Carlos Moedas, EU Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, spoke to journalists at the end of an audience with the prime minister of Cape Verde, where he began a three-day visit today.

One of the highlights of this visit is the signing of a protocol whereby Cape Verdean scientists will be able to participate in research projects in European institutions and European scientists participate in projects in the Cape Verdean territory.

“By signing this agreement, we will have public tenders, normally made for the [European Union] member states, but which also include Cape Verde and Cape Verde will be able to enjoy the Science program,” said Carlos Moedas.

The commissioner of the European Union for Research, Science and Innovation praised the level of the Cape Verdean scientists, who he described as “excellent”, and said that the issue now concerns his preparation for the competitions.

It was precise with the scientists that Carlos Moedas began the day in the city of Praia, where he participated in the official opening of the Seminar on Horizon 2020, at the headquarters of the European Union delegation.

This was a meeting to “enable Cape Verdean researchers to participate in European projects related to research”.

Currently, Carlos Moedas explained, the European Union has four projects with Cape Verde, through which five scientists have scholarships from Europe to study, live or collaborate.

“We are talking about joining Cape Verde to the European science program and this is done through collaboration with institutions, universities and companies in Europe,” he added.

Carlos Moedas has assumed that, in practice, he is placing his “political weight” on these goals.

“We are here because we have a very special agreement with Cape Verde,” he said.

For the moment, there is no limit to the number of vacancies for the scientists who decide to apply for the projects and for the funding of the program: “We do not want a limit. We want Cape Verde’s participation to increase.”

Currently, Cape Verde has a grant of 250 thousand euros for the science program. “We want to have the ambition to at least double. If we triple, even better,” he said.

After meeting with the Prime Minister of Cape Verde, Carlos Moedas was received by the President of the Republic.

On Thursday, in Mindelo, the island of São Vicente, the Portuguese commissioner will participate in the opening of the high-level ministerial conference “Our Atlantic Ocean for growth and well-being.”

On the same day, together with the Prime Minister of Cape Verde, Carlos Moedas will participate in the CV Next Initiative, in Laginha Beach.

The commissioner’s visit coincides with the Ocean Week organization that will take place in Mindelo from Wednesday to Friday and will feature international events centred on the development of the blue economy.

Commissioner Carlos Moedas will also participate in Cape Verde’s Ocean Week on Friday.

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