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Eucanaã Ferraz wins 1st edition of the Oeiras Poetry Prize

The jury, which analyzed more than 700 works in the competition, attributed, in addition to the Consecration award, also the Revelation award, to the work “A Fagulha”, by Pedro Teias, a pseudonym of the Portuguese author Pedro Nuno Patada, in the amount of 5,000 euros.

The prize aims to promote the importance of poetry and contribute to the expansion of literacies, the promotion of reading, and the enhancement of the Portuguese language itself in the Portuguese-speaking space, privileging greater proximity to the community.

After analyzing the works admitted to the competition, the jury unanimously declared to attribute to the work “Retratos com Erro”, by Eucanaã Ferraz (Brazil) the distinction of the Consecration, due to the high creativity and ironic capacity of Eucanaã Ferraz’s poetry, which also manages to establish a fruitful dialogue with Portuguese literature itself.

In the Revelation category, the prize was awarded to “A Fagulha”, by Pedro Nuno Correia Santos Patada (Portugal), for the value of subtlety and restraint, the exploration of daily life and the loneliness that one visits among themselves, through verses that speak with elegance the different states of our fragile and fleeting human condition.

The jury also decided to award an Honorable Mention in the Revelation category to the work “A Pressa dos Dias”, by the pseudonym A. de Alencar and whose identity corresponds to the author Sérgio Corrêa Miranda Filho (Brazil).

In this first edition, 116 works participated in the Consecration category, and 614 in the Revelation category, by authors from Portuguese Speaking Countries, namely Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Portugal and São Tomé.

The jury of the Consecration category was constituted by Jorge Barreto Xavier (president of the same, representing the Municipality of Oeiras), Patrícia Infante da Câmara (representing the award’s patron) and the writers Mia Couto, Antonio Carlos Secchin and Fernando Pinto Amaral .

The jury of the Revelation category was made up of João Mendes Rosa (president of the jury, representing the Municipality of Oeiras), Patrícia Infante da Câmara (representing the patron), and the writers Kalaf Epalanga, Ronaldo Cagiano, and Jorge Reis-Sá.

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