Europamundo predicts 30% growth in travel to the Middle East in 2024

  • The tour operator will offer more than 80 trips this year to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Israel and Egypt
  • The development of tourism infrastructure in Saudi Arabia is positioning the country as one of the most popular destinations for travelers
  • Closed tours are increasingly requested by tourists, who are looking for comfort, safety, and professionalism to make the most of their holidays.

Europamundo, a tour operator specializing in bus circuits and partner of Soltour Travel Partners, confirms the good moment of outbound tourism in the Middle East and predicts a 30% growth in trips from Spain and Portugal for 2024, compared to last year.

O crescimento que a região está a viver levou a Europamundo a apostar novamente no Médio Oriente em The growth that the region is experiencing led Europamundo to invest again in the Middle East in 2024. In fact, the tour operator estimates that this year it will equal pre-pandemic numbers in Spain and Portugal. Europamundo will offer more than 80 trips in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Israel, and Egypt, offering the possibility of combining two or more countries on the same trip.

As mentioned by Alejandro de la Osa, General Director of Europamundo, “More and more travelers are choosing to book a closed tour circuit. These packages include travel insurance, hotel, and buffet breakfast, which makes the experience more comfortable and safe”. All trips include the accompaniment of a specialized Portuguese-speaking guide who explains all the interesting facts about the places to be visited.

Although Europamundo allows you to book trips all year round for a price of 1,362 euros or more, the autumn months are the ideal time to travel to these destinations, as temperatures drop to milder levels, giving travelers the opportunity to discover authentic historical gems.

These less-crowded destinations are characterized by a strong cultural heritage, deep spirituality, remarkable architecture, and natural beauty with landscapes ranging from endless deserts to majestic mountains. All of this is accompanied by the famous Arab hospitality that will make travelers feel welcome and at home from the moment they set foot on their land.

Europamundo trips include unparalleled experiences, such as climbing the Dubai Frame, visiting the camel market in Saudi Arabia or the Falcons souk in Doha, visiting the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and the Qasr al Watan Palace in Abu Dhabi, or the Petra Museum in Jordan, among others.

A trip to Mecca
Saudi Arabia is currently investing millions of dollars to attract tourism. Since the launch of the Vision 2030 strategy, economic development has been oriented towards industrial and commercial activity and, above all, towards the tourism sector. Traveling to Saudi Arabia from September onwards can be a unique and enriching experience, as the country has a rich history, an unparalleled culture, and fascinating landscapes that can be enjoyed more comfortably during the autumn months when the weather is more pleasant. As the birthplace of Islam, Saudi Arabia has impressive architecture and a unique historical past. The corners of Saudi Arabia allow visitors to discover the deep spirituality and cultural importance of Islam.

In addition to enjoying Europamundo’s comfortable and modern buses, this company’s closed circuits include 4×4 excursions and camel rides that allow you to discover the most hidden corners of Saudi Arabia. Some circuits also include boat trips and high-speed train routes, to reach the most remote destinations in the most comfortable and quick way.

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