European Commission distinguishes archive management software

The European Commission has distinguished technology created by a spin-off of the University of Minho (UMinho) as “best ‘file management software,” surpassing other companies created in the United States, Canada, Sweden or the United Kingdom, announced today the academy.

UMinho explains that the software created by Keep Solutions, called Archeevo, stood out “in particular for supporting millions of records and terabytes of digital assets without a break in performance, as well as its configuration ability , to automate complex processes, to publish online in a simple way, to be compatible with other portals and to guarantee the security of the information “.

In the text, UMinho notes that these data are included in the European Commission’s “Standard-based archival data management, exchange and publication” report, which supports digital solutions and supports public administrations, businesses and citizens to benefit from cross-border and interoperable services in the European area.

The analysis reads “taking into account industry best practices, following Open Archival Information System standards and procedures from the European Commission’s Historical Archives, the UK National Archives and the European E-Ark scientific project”.

We are very pleased with this distinction of the European Commission, which is very gratifying, because it shows that we are on the right track and value the work done by this UMinho spin-off, and also proves that Portugal continues to give letters abroad” , says in the statement, the executive director of Keep Solutions, Miguel Ferreira.

According to UMinho, Archeevo software outperformed competitors ArchivesSpace (US), AtoM, Cuadra Star, Eloquent Archives (all from Canada), Axiell CALM (Sweden / UK), scopeArchiv (Switzerland) and Archidoc (Poland).

In Portugal, Keep Solutions serves as the Presidency of the Republic, several ministries, such as Defense, Internal Administration, Economy, Education and Science, foundations, universities and dozens of municipalities, among other institutions of reference.

In July of last year, UMinho revealed that another company’s software was selected to support the archiving of European Union legislation, a digital repository that includes more than 75 million files, including treaties, regulations and judgments.

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