European defeat in Alvalade ends with whistles and white scarves

Only Bruno Fernandes escaped the irritation of the leonine fans.

Sporting suffered a home defeat by Villarreal (0-1) in the first leg of the UEFA Europa League’s 16th finals and undermined European aspirations for this season. The leonine fans did not hide their frustration at the result and the display of Marcel Keizer’s team, and for that reason, whistles were heard and white handkerchiefs were seen in Alvalade on Thursday night.

Before the final whistle, the claque of Sporting had already left the stadium, in a clear sign of discontent. The protests increased when the Sporting team met in the center of the pitch after the end of the game and moved to the tunnel that gives access to the spas. The chorus of whistles was audible and only Bruno Fernandes seems to have escaped the irritation of the fans who moved to Alvalade.

It is recalled that Marcel Keizer, shortly after the match, took full responsibility when asked about the protests of the fans.

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