European Heritage Days 2018 have the theme ‘Share Memories’

The European Heritage Days (JEP) 2018 will take place on 28, 29 and 30 September across the country under the theme ‘Share Memories’, announced the Directorate General of Cultural Heritage (DGPC).

Joint initiative of the Council of Europe and the European Commission, JEPs are a cultural event involving more than 70,000 activities, with the aim of raising awareness of Europe’s common heritage and the need for its continued protection.

According to a statement from the organization, whose cultural spaces are protected promote activities throughout the country, the event is an opportunity to “bring citizens closer and enhance the value of the cultural heritage that belongs to everyone.”

The DGPC, the entity that coordinates the programming and dissemination of the JEPs at national level, invited public and private entities to join these workshops to organize activities for the public

In 2018 the European Year of Cultural Heritage is celebrated, and in this context, the JEP proposed to highlight the importance of “sharing memories, understood as a factor of citizenship, dignity and democracy”.

The celebrations, in various formats – from festivals, guided tours, workshops, exhibitions, shows – last from August to October, depending on the countries.

“The aim of the European Year of Cultural Heritage and JEPs is therefore to encourage more and more people to discover and become involved with Europe’s cultural heritage by strengthening the sense of belonging to a common space”, stresses the DGPC, in the statement.

The Secretary-General of the Council of Europe, Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni: “JEPs are a unique experience of celebrating cultural diversity and the colorful stories of a vibrant and diverse Europe. This cultural program is a very effective tool to stimulate the imagination and to promote a true participation in the cultural life “.

For its part, Tibor Navracsics, European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, “culture and cultural heritage have a unique power to bring people of different backgrounds together, allowing them to understand and respect their differences – and recognize the historical, cultural and human experiences they share, so I hope people realize that it’s much more what unites us than what separates us. ”

Held in the 50 signatory states of the European Cultural Convention, the JEPs highlight the diversity of local traditions and know-how, architectural styles and works of art which together constitute European heritage.

Launched by the Council of Europe in France in 1985, JEPs have been jointly organized with the European Commission since 1999.

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