European network of schools is offering scholarships to women

The initiative is a way of attracting more women to a professional environment characterized by a larger number of men.

Wild Code School is a European network of schools specializing in Web Development that teaches in two distinct programs: one intensive (5 months, 40 weekly hours) and the other post-work (10 months).

Because this is an area where there are more male than female professionals and to celebrate the arrival of the project in Lisbon, Wild Code School is offering five scholarships for women.

“The criterion is based on a technical test done online and in a face-to-face interview,” Ana Sofia Martins, responsible for the project in Lisbon, explains to the News to the minute, adding that “the grants will be awarded to the first five women to complete both stages with success”.

Created by Anna Stépanoff and Romain Coeur, Wild Code School uses the blended method of learning, which consists of a “perfect combination of classes and face-to-face exercises with an online platform for adults.”

“Our students will benefit from a network of schools with real projects with companies from the market at European level,” says Ana Sofia Martins.

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