EU to introduce cyber-fighting unit and operational security centers in the European space

The aim is to outline actions to protect European citizens and businesses from any cyber threat, as well as to promote secure information systems, in order to build a greener and more resilient digital Europe. The primary objectives are still to preserve the open economy and strengthen European leadership in digital.

Several objectives and areas of action have been outlined for the coming years, including plans to create operational safety net centers across the European Union to monitor and anticipate any signs of attacks on the networks; it was also decided to create what is called a joint cybernetic unit that is focused on the European Union’s cybersecurity management.

In December, there was a political agreement for the formal approval of the European Cybersecurity Competence Center and Network (Cybersecurity Competence Center and Network), a regional structure that will channel funds and research efforts to strengthen European security capabilities. digital. The center will be located in Bucharest.

The European Union is also committed to applying and implementing measures related to the 5G toolbox, in order to ensure that 5G networks, and their future generations of the network, are secure.

It also highlights the need for a joint effort to accelerate the improvement of internet security standards, as these are instrumental in increasing the overall level of security and openness of the global internet, while maintaining competitiveness in the industry in the European space.

It also requires the development of strong encryption as a means of protecting fundamental rights and digital security, but at the same time ensuring that lawmakers and judicial authorities are able to exercise their powers both online and offline.

On the other hand, to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the “cyberdiplomacy” toolbox, paying special attention to preventing attacks with systematic effects that could affect supply chains, critical structures and essential services, democratic institutions and that can undermine security economic.

There is also a proposal for the possible creation of a cyberintelligence working group to strengthen EU INTCEN (Center for Intelligence and Situation in the European Union).

The importance of strengthening cooperation between international organizations and partner countries is also reinforced for a shared understanding of cyber threats. Finally, the proposal to develop an external agenda for the European Union to increase cyber resilience and the ability to deal with dangers worldwide.

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