Event Natál(i)a wants to make Vagos the house of Santa Claus in Portugal

The only Certified Santa Claus in Portugal is the great attraction of the Christmas event (i) the Land of Santa Claus, which will animate Vagos between Saturday and the 23rd, with free admission to the younger students of the county.

“We want to strengthen the position of Vagos as the capital of Christmas in Portugal,” warns Jackas, Santa Claus, actor, professor of animation and expression, founder of the theatre group for children – Harlequin and the Play Museum in Vagos, who adopted as an artistic name the childhood nickname.

The event Natal (i) the Land of Santa Claus receives this year a new impulse, with a budget of 150 thousand euros and the organization shared between the Vagos Town Hall, the Play Museum, the NEVA (Vagos Business Center) and the AEVA – Association for Education and Valorization of the Region of Aveiro.

Under the terms of the protocol signed between these institutions, the municipality presided over by Silvério Regalado finances half of the investment and AEVA another half. It will be up to the association that was born to “meet the needs of the business community of the region” to manage the ticket office.

The daily ticket costs four euros, the bracelet for every day of the event costs 10 euros and Vagos students of the first and second cycles will have free admission. The event, which takes place next to the Play Museum and in a giant tent set up below, opens every day at 10:00 p.m. and closes at 7:00 p.m., except on Fridays and Saturdays, where it remains open until 21:00 p.m. 00.

On opening day, admission is free for all. The ticket will give access to all the activities of the event, namely plays, concerts, Santa’s House at the Brincar Museum, workshops and workshops, and ludic and mechanical attractions. The animation extends every day to the streets of Vagos, organizers guarantee.

“This year we will be taking a step forward,” said Regalado, who praises the work of AEVA, which represents thirteen brands. The mayor expects that the event attracts this year around 20 thousand visitors.

The event is seen as having a regional dimension, but above all as an opportunity for Vagos. “Attracts tourism and is good for catering, hotels and local commerce”, summarizes Vítor Santos, from NEVA.

Despite all the news, the attraction will be the same: Jackas, Santa Claus. The actor, who from an early age became interested in the traditions associated with Christmas, is the only Portuguese certified by the Council of Peace of S. Nicolau (based in Antalya, Turkey, land of saint origin that inspired the creation of the figure of Santa Claus ) and the American International Brotherhood of True Parents Christmas of Barbas.

Jackas is serious about the character of fiction, keeping all year long what he calls the “holiday spirit”.

The actor is also the founder of the Santa Fe Foundation, which intends to start in 2019 to certify candidates who respect the norms of the profession.

The actor frequently participates in publicity campaigns, both in Portugal and abroad, and during the two months before Christmas makes a true Return to Portugal bringing the laughter of Santa Claus to the whole country.

“Being a Father Christmas is a function for the whole year. Almost every day I am recognized by groups of children, they are the ones who enjoy Christmas more”, concludes Jackas.

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