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Companhia Olga Roriz – Insónia

13 / January @ 9:00 pm - 14 / January @ 9:00 pm WET

This post is also available in: Português (Portuguese (Portugal))

Olga Roriz Company
CCB 13 and 14 January. Thursday and Friday. 21:00 Great Auditorium

Directed by Olga Roriz
Interpreters Catarina Câmara, Connor Scott, Emanuel Santos, Marta Lobato Faria, Melissa Cosseta, Natalia Lis, Yonel Serrano
*Participation of finalist students of the National Conservatory Dance School (EDCN) and FOR Dance Theater

Insónia is a show directed by Olga Roriz for a renewed cast and created in partnership with the creative team of the previous plays. The entry of new elements into the body of dancers renews points of view and aesthetic options. Dancers of four nationalities: Portuguese, Italian, English and Polish are the result of the choice of an international audition.

A claim to the place of the body, from its energy to its fragility. The restless body of exposed flesh. The savagery of being a woman or being a man in the same erotic world. The identity, origin, memories of each of the performers were put to the test, confronting the past, the present, the future and the vital connection with the origins.

The inexorable passage of time. A study of the feminine and the masculine, the male and the female without defined sex, without gender.

Since eroticism is a vague concept, not palpable from the imagination, it had to be concretized, intellectualized. In the first period of creation, much thought was produced in the form of writing. This is one of those texts: «Erotism is a trap of all definitions and interpretations. Eroticism is the game of solitary, it is a solitary cell that irrigates you with freedom while enclosing you in its shadow and humidity. It is a form of release. It is human and animal instinct at the same time, in the perspective in which it starts from a thought. It is a choice of thought, a temptation. It’s an indirect game of attraction, not an obvious one. The combination of sensual and sexual. It is ephemeral like a sensation. Anything that stimulates fantasy. It can be a determined look. A direct touch. A profound argument. A strong tone of voice. An embarrassed smile. A moment where you lose track of time. It can start from the imagination and it can be fed consciously by the mind working in a constant game. Playing chess with someone can be extremely erotic.

Insomnia emerges in the dreamlike aspect of love, gender and genetics. Stories shared with simplicity and decorum or outspokenly. Matters made manifest.

And also the image of an inverted spring, as if the seasons could be suspended in space and time.

Olga Roriz


Praça do Império
Lisbon, 1449-003 Lisboa Portugal
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21 361 26 97
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