Events taking place in October at the new Municipal Cowork Space in Lagos

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CoLagos – Municipal Cowork Space is a collaborative workspace, recently opened in Lagos, which aims to boost and enrich the city’s entrepreneurial culture. In October, two events will be held for all those interested in the themes of Branding and Communication. These initiatives work as tools for professional and personal development, both for young people with interest or curiosity and for professionals in the field.

The first event taking place this month will be the Webinar “Another online meeting? Survival Guide – How to communicate better remotely“, which will be taught by Sónia Silva, Trainer in Communication and Voice and Speech Therapist. Access is free and will be presented online, taking place on October 25th.

Sónia Silva is from Germany, with Algarve roots, raised in Lagos and residing in Lisbon. Interested in multiculturalism, languages ​​and more recently in the digital world and in Voice and Communication Coaching.

For me, communication is the way you make yourself known to the world and make your Voice go further. Digital is not the future, it is the present and it is based on this premise that by investing in your personal resources and in your communication, you will leverage your productivity and professional activity. In an era when online meetings are a reality, think about what you have to lose if you don’t improve your communication skills (remote). And by the way, think about what you have to gain!

The second event taking place in October will be on the theme of Branding and Brand Management and will be taught by Eliana Silva, a specialist in communication. This workshop, with a registration fee of €15, will be held at CoLagos and will take place on October 29th. This learning moment will focus on several themes related to building a brand, defining a budget and target audience, among many others.

Eliana Silva is a communications specialist with a career spanning over a decade working in journalism, public relations and advertising. Her professional experience is currently focused on advertising, brand activation and strategic communication. Eliana started her career in the Portuguese media industry, at Revista Máxima in 2009, and then migrated to the world of public relations. Over the years, she has always been interested in storytelling and has developed her media tools working with video, writing and photography. She completed a degree in Lisbon, in Journalism, and after a postgraduate degree in the same city in Digital Marketing, she attended courses in London and São Paulo.

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